Playwork policy road shows

The Playwork Foundation and Play England have announced a series of joint events over the coming months, to consult the play and playwork fields in England on a new ‘manifesto for play’ ahead of the next general election. Forums will take place across the country to:

  • Consult with the play sector and develop key policy points to form a manifesto for play
  • Coordinate campaigning for better play provision
  • Share latest thinking and developments in play provision

Policy areas to be developed include: Design and environment, staffed play provision, qualifications and training, and schools.

5 September 2018  Sycamore Adventure Playground , Sycamore Green, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 3QE

We urge all playworkers to make their voice heard and to champion the importance of play for both the children of today and our future generations.

Find out more about the Playwork Foundation and Play England.

24 Jun 2018

A way to engage in messy play: International Mud Day

International Mud Day. Let’s get down and dirty!!

To celebrate this very special day, which takes place on June 29th, all you need is some water and some dirt. Mix them together, and you’re ready to have some fun!

International Mud Day is for everyone, both children, and adults. Set aside the electronic games, turn off the television, and set down the smart phone. The purpose of this day is to help children by bringing them back outdoors to learn about and enjoy nature, along with all it has to offer.

To celebrate International Mud Day:

  • Immerse yourself and your friends in a mud pit
  • Make mud pies and/or mud sculptures
  • Organise a nature hike for children or yourself

The origin of International Mud Day:

In Nepal, where International Mud Day began, the intention of the original event was to enrich the lives of 58 orphans, by getting them outdoors to enjoy the environment. After splashing in the mud, these children’s moods and attitudes were much improved.

This day was first created at a World Forum in 2009, by Gillian McAuliffe from Australia, and Bishnu Bhatta from Nepal.

This special day is sponsored by the World Forum Foundation.

22 Jun 2018

Ofsted changes to the compliance Handbook

All childcare providers need to be aware that at the beginning on May 2018 Ofsted issued an updated Early Years Compliance Handbook.

This Handbook sets out Ofsted’s approach to its compliance and enforcement work regarding childcare providers registered on the Early Years Register or the Childcare Register.

The changes in compassion to the previous edition may seem quite minor, however all changes small and large should be regarding by all providers.

There are some changes to the words such as removing “investigation” and adding the phrase “regulatory activity” It is vital that all childcare providers understand the meaning of the words and in what context.

One noteworthy change for all childcare providers is that if Ofsted decides to send a warning letter to a provider, for example in cases where the infraction is deemed to be not too serious, there will no longer be a sequence of an ‘initial warning letter’ followed by a ‘final warning letter’ Ofsted will simply send out a ‘final warning letter.

All providers should ensure that the new documentation is downloaded and shared with all staff as soon as possible.

Find out more here.

22 Jun 2018

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