Our Scrapstore is currently CLOSED due to Covid-19 but we are working towards reopening our Jewellery Quarter shop in September. Details to follow.

Our Yardley store is no longer operational. We are excited to say we will be moving to new premises in the near future and will keep you updated !  

Thanks for your patience from all the team at Birmingham Playcare Network & Scrapstore. 



We are a member led organisation representing the play
sector and working as an advocate for children’s play

We need your help!

We hope your plans for 2019 are going well. Here at Scrap HQ we’re looking at how we can improve our service to you over the coming year. We would love to have your valued input about what we do next and how we can make things better.

We have created a quick survey (should take no more than 3 minutes) to get your feedback. There are 9 questions in total, most multiple choice, asking for your opinions around membership, opening hours and what else you might like to see at the store.

We would really appreciate it if you are able to take the time to help. Please click here to see the first question regarding membership fees. Thank you.


To voice the issues and concerns of the play sector, to share information, facilitate contact, offer support and share best practice in child centred play.


Birmingham PlayCare Network aims to support and promote high quality child centred play through the following core values:

Consultation; we value the involvement of our members and we shall consult with them regularly and consider their views at all levels of our service delivery.

Quality; we will promote the importance of quality play environments for children and young people this will be done by using independent QA schemes as well as prioritising work force development.

Accountability; we are committed to raising the profile of play, the play sector and play workers. We will be held accountable for this commitment through the principles of our work which will be guided by the Play Work Principles.

Partnership; we work in partnership with our members, the play sector, other agencies, groups and organisations to support the development and sustainability of quality play environments for children.

Equality; we recognise and respect the value of all children young people and adults we shall be guided by models of good practice as well as considering the UN Convention for the rights of the child to create environments that foster dialogue, mutual respect and trust.

Innovation; we will campaign and promote play. We will actively seek out good play practice and innovation in play.