Information & membership services

Membership to Birmingham PlayCare Network (BPCN) including the Scrapstore is open to individuals, groups, community organisations based locally, regionally or nationally who support BPCN’s desire to voice the issues and concerns of the play sector; to share information, facilitate contact, offer support and share best practice in child-centred play and playcare.

Benefits of Membership

  • Provide you with information on issues that affect the playcare industry and its settings through special mailings about conferences, events and activities of particular interest to the playcare field.
  • Access to events and exclusive playworker training opportunities including regular play based workshops to enhance the quality of play opportunities in settings.
  • Provide playcare settings with resource packs full of exciting ideas to develop your club activities as well as some business ideas.
  • Friendly staff on the telephone to answer your queries and find out things for you, through our contacts across the PlayCare world at senior level, we will explain what is going on at National level that matters to you.

Swings & Roundabouts

Swings and Roundabouts is Birmingham’s Out of School newsletter funded by the Early Years and Childcare Team and produced by BPCN.

Swings and Roundabouts plays an important function in sharing current and relevant news, information and issues affecting the playcare sector as well as information and opportunities that play and playcare offer children, their families and clubs across the region.

If you are an individual or organisation working directly or indirectly in the play sector and have an article, news, best practice or event information to share, when we are eager to hear from you. Your article could be featured in our upcoming editions of our Swings & Roundabouts newsletter.

If you any suggestions on how we could improve the newsletter or would like to be put on our newsletter mailing list, please contact us on 0121 236 2917