Updated guidance on DBS checks

Ofsted has updated its guidance on DBS checks for childcare providers.

The update replaces the previous guidance, which was published in 2014.

The key change is the removal of the requirement for childcare providers to sign up for the DBS update service when they obtain their Ofsted DBS check as part of the registration process, a process that is still strongly recommended but is no longer mandatory.

As part of the revamp, Ofsted has also updated its online summary of DBS checks for childcare providers.

Note that the guidance regarding DBS checks for other members of staff (ie those who are not checked by Ofsted) is unchanged.

28 Nov 2017

Road Safety Week: Speed Down Save Lives

Children and young people are at significant risk on our roads, with the annual Road Safety Week addressing this for 2017.

The initiative, scheduled between November 20th and 26th, supported the ethos of children starting to learn about the road system from a very early age, ultimately encouraging safer behaviour in later life.

This year’s message revolves around ‘Speed Down Save Lives’. Road safety education plays an important role in shaping the attitudes and behaviours of children and young people, ensuring they become responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

We all need to learn to use the road responsibly. You can download a free action pack from the Road Safety Week website as well as accessing a range of interactive resources for all ages to help raise awareness about road safety.


27 Nov 2017

Children’s Day 2017 – #KidsTakeOver

The United Nations established Universal Children’s Day in 1954 in a bid to promote togetherness among children across the world, and improve children’s welfare.

It is celebrated on November 20 to mark the date that the Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN in 1959.

However, it’s by no means the only date recognised as Children’s Day across the globe. There are many variants, but the most common alternative is June 1, which is marked by countries such as China, the Czech Republic and Portugal.

The theme for 2017 was #KidsTakeOver, with UNICEF inviting kids across the globe to take over grown-up roles, such as in the media and politics, to voice support for children in need.

To mark the occasion, David Beckham interviewed children for a short film, with fellow sports stars David Villa and Sachin Tendulkar also getting involved in the truly global effort.

20 Nov 2017

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