The Scrapstore Birmingham joins forces with two new donors

The Scrapstore Birmingham is delighted to announce that we have been collecting materials from two new donors.

Carpet-based resources

A newfound relationship with Victoria Carpets, Birmingham-based designer and manufacturer of woven and tufted carpets, means that we now have a range of carpet-based resources.

Elements such as tiles, yarn, and cartridges are all available at our Scrapstore Headquarters.

An “abundance of choice”

Our second addition to the list of donors emerges from the beautiful town of Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.

Invopak provides wonderful buckets, lids, and other colourful plastic resources, so as you can imagine they slot in seamlessly in our hub full of materials that present a limitless scope for creativity. Josh Mitchell, Manager of The Scrapstore Birmingham said:

“We hope to continue working with both of these well-respected manufacturers in the region and are very grateful for their support.

“Having relationships with these organisations enriches the experience that people get when visiting the Scrapstore, presenting an abundance of choice. We would like to thank them for their contributions and look forward to the prospect of working with them in the future.”

Find out more here on how you can make a donation to the Scrapstore Birmingham.

19 May 2017

Our extensive range of resources just got even better

The month of April was not just a time for indulging in Easter treats, it provided an opportunity for us to catch up with our West Midlands neighbours Worcestershire Resource Exchange.

Enhancing depth and variety of resources

We swapped resources with our friends at the creative re-use charity, expanding our selection of materials from what is already an extensive range of resources to one that is now even better.

Let’s Play workshops

As a result, we are scheduled to utilise quite a few of the new additions within our workshops and initiatives, such as the astro turf pieces that we acquired.

We thought, “what better place to start than our Let’s Play Containers?”, so keep an eye out for some elaborate resources being utilised.

For more information on our Let’s Play project please contact

19 May 2017

The Scrapstore Birmingham deemed most active Morsbag Pod in Birmingham

The Scrapstore Birmingham continues its support for the Morsbags campaign, and is currently the most active Morsbag Pod in Birmingham.

Swapping plastic bags for Morsbags

From creating, setting up ‘Pods’, distributing and promoting Morsbags, the initiative encourages the circulation of re-usable bags made from unwanted scrap materials in a bid to decrease the amount of plastic bags used in society.

700 bags

Having contributed over 700 bags through many different makers, The Scrapstore Birmingham has been identified as the most active pod in the England’s second city. Josh Mitchell, The Scrapstore Birmingham Manager said:

“Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. Let’s push our pod to the top.”

For more information on Morsbags please contact us on 0121 236 2917, visit our facebook page or go to the initiative’s official website.

19 May 2017

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