From scrap to stardom via TV show ‘Doctors’

Are you a donor of The Scrapstore Birmingham? Have you ever wondered where the materials and offcuts that you donate may be used? Well, you may be seeing a few familiar items setting the scene for the stars on your television screens.

Lights, camera, action!

The Scrapstore Birmingham not only gives donated resources a second lease of life, but its recent partnership with Art Director Annabelle Bevan has seen a selection of materials not only diverted away from landfill, but towards the bright lights of the television set.

Art Director role

Annabelle Bevan has been collecting resources from The Scrapstore Birmingham since April 2016 as part of her role as Art Director and Production/Set Designer when dressing sets for some of the top shows seen on television. Annabelle said:

“I do love using your place and think you guys do amazing job!”

The Director’s work includes Channel 4’s ‘My Kitchen Rules’, BBC show ‘Doctors’, as well as many more television shows and exciting new films.

You can make a donation now.


21 Nov 2016

BPCN urges settings to regularly visit Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board

Birmingham PlayCare Network has urged all settings to visit the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board website at least once a month.

A reminder to all settings

The recent reminder aims to ensure that all settings in Birmingham are kept updated on any changes to safeguarding policy or procedure.

Signs and Safety and Wellbeing Framework

The charity has also highlighted the importance of the Signs and Safety and Wellbeing Framework, where users can identify strengths and concerns. Emma Payne, Business Development Manager at Birmingham PlayCare Network said:

“The website is easy to use and full of relevant up to date information. We want settings to regularly access to the website as a whole, and the Framework mentioned.

It is extremely important that providers are knowledgeable and updated on recent developments.”

Please follow the link where you can download the poster.

20 Nov 2016

Results show Ladywood has most children living in poverty in UK

Birmingham’s Ladywood Ward has been declared as having a 47 percent of children living in poverty within the area, the highest percentage in the UK.

Birmingham Child Poverty Commission

This information comes as part of an initial Birmingham Child Poverty Commission launched on 20 June 2016, and was shared as a new map has been produced detailing the developments.

The map shows how in the UK, over one in four children are living in poverty once housing costs have been deducted from their income. Emma Payne, Business Development Manager at Birmingham PlayCare Network said:

“Estimates of local child poverty rates show that it is the highest in large cities, particularly in London, Birmingham and Manchester.”

The results

Manchester Central followed the Ladywood area with 45 percent, as well as Poplar, Limehouse and Birmingham Hodge Hill with almost 44 percent.

Please follow the links to find further information and what Birmingham is doing to work to reduce child poverty in the city:

19 Nov 2016

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