When Membership Madness makes Scrapstore Sense!

Did you know that it can cost you as little as £2.80 for a pick in our scrapstore?

If you are an out-of-school setting membership to BPCN includes access to our scrapstore two times a month. This means that each bag of resources costs the equivalent of only £2.80 for out-of-schools clubs, and only £4.38 for nurseries.

Why not contact us today, and find out how you can join. Remember to ask about this month’s special offer available to new members.

23 Apr 2013

Play and Risk and Play and Early Years – Information Sheets

Written by Tim Gill, the Play and Risk information sheet, aims to set out why a balanced, thoughtful approach to managing risks in children’s play is needed. The Play and Early Years information sheet, written by Janet Moyles, explores what is play and its importance to and for children’s development in the early years (birth to seven years old).

The Play the and Risk information sheet also aims to give an overview of risk-benefit assessment, which is widely accepted as a suitable approach.  The information sheet is aimed at all those who have an interest in children’s play, including educators, playworkers, providers and managers of play facilities, health and safety professionals, risk managers, decision makers and parents.
The Play and Early Years information sheet also explores the importance of adult roles, advocacy and the child’s right to play.  It aims to help parents, families and those working with children in this age group in developing a positive attitude to play.
Produced by Play Wales, these information sheets are available to download at http://www.playwales.org.uk

17 Apr 2013

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